Christopher wants to fly / Christopher elsker fly

Christopher is eleven years old and obsessed with airplanes. He lives only five minutes from Copenhagen Airport and each day he observes planes at his window and from the local snack bar, which is near the airport. Christopher can't really find a friend who understands him. Only his cousin still listens to his adventures. Sometimes, if she's in a good mood, she even goes spotting with him.

Director & Producer: Maria Bäck
Cinematographer: Matilda Mester
Editor: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann
Sound design: Rune Sand
Original music composed by: Jonas Severin Kristensen

Duration: 10 min.

+ International Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA), 2007
+ Göteborgs Int. Filmfestival, 2008
+ Nordisk Panorama Children, 2008
+ Kristiansand International Film Festival, 2008

Official IDFA selection, 2007