MOTHER IS GOD is a fragmented and personal film on different visions of reality. The film is built on conversations between me (the director) and God (my psychotic mum), whose face we never see in the film. We talk about her worlds; We encounter her flower language, we meet the devil’s birds and we learn how to marry the wind. The film turns into a declaration of love - to the crooked mind as well as to my mother.

Director: Maria Bäck
Cinematographer: Maria von Hausswolff
Producer: Julie Rix
Editor: Julius Krebs Damsbo
Sound design: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Original music composed by: Jacob Kirkegaard

30 min. / DCP / Dialogue in Swedish and Danish / English subtitles

+ WINNER "Best Documentary Short",
SR Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York – USA 2015

+ WINNER ”Best International Short Film”,
It's All True International Documentary Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paolo - Brazil 2014

+ Nominated for ROBERT Prisen 2014 (Danish Film Academy annual prize) in the section ”Short documentary of the year”

+ WINNER ”Nordic Talents” (together with pitch for new project), Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Copenhagen – Denmark 2013

“The strongest graduation film this year
is a visual love poem on psychosis.”

- Katrine Hornstrup Yde, Information, 17th of July, 2013

“Mother is God knows how to balance the spoken
and the unspoken - and it tells a story, that is bigger
than what we see on the screen”

- Kasper Hornbeck, ATLAS, 15th of July, 2013

Festival screenings:
Göteborgs International Film Festival, Göteborg - Sweden
It's All True International Doc. Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro -Brazil
Listapad International Film Festival, Minsk – Belarus
Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala – Sweden
Sichuan International TV Festival, Chengdu – China
Rendezvous with Madness International Film Festival, Toronto – Canada
Go Short International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen - the Netherlands
Mind Rights International Film Festival, Lisbon – Portugal
Cairo International Women's Film Festival, Cairo – Egypt
Northern Ireland Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, Belfast – Ireland
CinemAvvenire Film Festival, Rome - Italy
FICAE, Festival Int. de Cortometrajes Arte y Enfermedades, Valencia - Spain
Copenhagen Short Film Festival, Copenhagen - Denmark
Zagreb Dox International Documentary Film Festival, Zagreb - Croatia
SR Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York - USA
Minimalen Int. Short Film Festival, Trondheim - Norway
Festival du Cinema de Brive, Brive – France